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Participation of female members in work of municipal council

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a satisfactory legal framework guaranteeing women’s rights. However, in practice the situation is not even close to what is required by the Law. Establishing a legal framework and public policies in the field of promotion of women’s human rights does not mean that ensured equality law provides the same possibilities. In order to make women politically …

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Campaign “16 Days of Activism” in Tuzla

Violence against women and girls, still represents the most common form of human rights violation. Global data as well as those relating to Bosnia and Herzegovina are devastating: one in three women have experienced beatings, forced to have sexual intercourse or experienced some other form of abuse. Perpetrator is usually a man from their close environment. Violence against women knows …

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Public forums on “Women, Peace and Security”

Within the project ” Integration of the Principles of Gender Equality in the Local Community ” public forums were organized in Srebrenica , Bratunac , Kalesija and Lukavac during November 2013. Forums were conducted in partnership cooperation of Associations “Forum žena” Bratunac and “HO HORIZONTI”, financially supported by UN Women. Representatives of local communities as well as representatives of local …

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Trainings Gender equality at the local level

“Gender equality at the local level” trainings were successfully implemented in municipalities of Bratunac, Srebrenica, Lukavac and Kalesija during November 2013. Activities were conducted in the frame of the Project “Integration of the Principles of Gender Equality in the local Community” implemented by “Forum žena” Bratunac in partnership with Association “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla and with the support of UN Women. …

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