About our Association

The Association “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla was established as a local non-governmental organization in November 1999. by employees, beneficiaries, members and the friends of the project “Women –  hidden victims of war,” implemented by the international organization Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). All our activities, actions and initiatives are aimed at women and contribute to improvement of women’s position in family and society, reduction of discrimination and violence against women and the promotion of women’s role in decision-making and peace-building processes at the local level.
HORIZONTI is the organization recognized for its work on psychological empowerment of women victims of violence in family and society, as well as for providing support to women in public and political life.

By active participation in the networks of non-governmental organizations in BiH we contribute to raising public awareness and advocating for the promotion of women’s human rights, peace building and security in BiH.

The Association “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla is nonprofit, nongovernmental organization which, in human, open and professional way, advocate for active participation and better position of women in our society. We achieve our goals through providing psychosocial, educational and counseling support to individuals, families, groups and communities, as well as through realization of many activities, initiatives and actions in local community which are based on the principles of empowerment, active participation, supporting the positive initiatives,  encouraging cooperation, mutual respect and tolerance for differences.
Our vision is society without discrimination of women and violation of their human rights, with a global network of strong, self-confident women who are able to make choices for themselves and their families and mobilize their communities for positive change.
Horizonti was originally a „Women Project“ run by international organization „Norwegian People’s Aid” (NPA), and from 1994 until 1999, the activities were conducted under direct auspices of NPA.

NPA decided to support a group of local professionals in Tuzla (Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pedagogues, and Social Workers), who had already started to provide psychological help to displaced women, on a voluntary basis, in collective centres in the Fall 1993. This group came to constitute the core of the therapists engaged in the psychological services at the Psychological Centre Tuzla with an aim to support and provide psychological treatment to women who had been exposed to war traumas and who were at risk of developing serious mental health impairment due to this. The humanitarian organisation „Horizonti“ was established as a local non-governmental organization in November 1999 by employees, beneficiaries and friends of the Women’s Project – Psychological Centre Tuzla. From year to year organization’s activities have been evolving and adjusting to political context in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but always focused on women’s interests and needs – from psychological support, empowering through education and awareness raising to lobbying and advocating for their human rights.