Sarajevo hosted Conference on the occasion of the 8th of December, Day of Remembrance of the suffering of women during the war in BiH. The event was entitled “Gender and Transitional Justice” and started at 11:00 am in Hotel „Holiday“. During the Conference, participants had the opportunity to be presented with the book “The war is not single-gendered” (please see the section „publications“ for download), which encompasses stories of 17 women who were killed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period 1992 – 1995. Attendees have also watched movie “They die twice” ( ). The movie includes four stories presented in the book.

Given that the Initiative for commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the suffering of women in the war in Bosnia, submitted to BiH Parliamentary Assembly in September 2014 was rejected, we used this occassion to resubmitt the Initiative. Conference was attended by representatives of partner organizations from 12 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of embassies, members of  Gender Equality Commission, as well as other numerous supporters.

Moderators of the Conference were Gordana Vidovic (“Budućnost” Modrica) and Selma Badžić (Center for Legal Assistance to Women Zenica).

After the conference, participants were invited to a peaceful walk from the Hotel Holiday to Veliki Park, where participants laid flowers at the monument to the children of besieged Sarajevo. Walk was attended by 20 participants.

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