In the framework of Project „Engendering peace building at the local level“, we organised „Days of Pacifism“ on September 21, 2017. This event is organised for the second time in Tuzla in the last two years.

Symbolically, we choose International Peace Day for this event, so the youth from Bratunac, Srebrenica, Milići, Gračanica, Srebrenik and Tuzla would be able to send a message of peace together.

In collaboration with UHD „Prijateljice“ from Tuzla, we organised peace walk in the city centre and peace performance in premises of KUD Bosna, where a message „Live Peace“ was written in capital letters. Young people wore white T-shirts with peace messages. With appropriate music in the background, young people formed a circle, took off their T-shirts alternately and placed them in the circle with a message. 60 young people participated in this activity. It was emotional, energising and inspiring.

On the day after, young people watched movie „They die twice“, produced in the framework of project „Peace with Women’s Face“. Young people were very satisfied with these activities and they expressed a wish to have more gatherings and events of this kind in future.