After Workshop „Facing the Past“ for youth was completed in the framework of Project „Engendering peace building at the local level“, young participants organised follow up workshops. During the aforementioned workshop, young people were provided with essential knowledge on facing the past, created implementation plan and agreed upon establishment of League of Young Pacifists. Main objective of follow up workshops was to transfer the knowledge and to include new young people in League of Young Pacifists in order to act together.

Young people also agreed to create joint Facebook page as to publish their views on peace building and reconciliation. They believe they will be stronger and have visible results if they act together.

The Project is implemented by Association „HO Horizonti“ Tuzla in partnership with „Forum žena“ Bratunac, in Birač region (Bratunac, Srebrenica, Milići) and Tuzla Canton (Tuzla, Srebrenik, Gračanica). Project is financially supported by Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna.