Members of Tuzla Gender Equality Commission, who are also members of Lobby Group Tuzla, expressed the need for stronger collaboration and support by Horizonti during recent meeting. This was also accented on previous capacity building meeting of Lobby groups, which took place in April 2017. On this occassion, Lobby group Tuzla agreed cooperation with Gender Equality Commissions.

Therefore, members of HO Horizonti were invited to attend a meeting of Gender Equality Commission Tuzla. Creation of report on implementation of Gender Action Plan 2013-2016 was discussed and it was suggested to collect reports by NGOs that would be incorporated in final report.

Also, Lobby Group Tuzla agreed to start election related activities on a timely manner. One of suggestions was related to Open Letter to be sent out to public by the end of the year, which warns to lack of women in politics and points to important role of women.