Local lobby group – promoting the concept of security

Local lobby group

Local lobby group

In the frame of the Project “Women’s Education Center” financially supported by the Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna, Association “HO HORIZONTI” was actively involved in establishment of local lobby group during 2013. The aim of this activity was to provide support to solidarity among women in Tuzla and increase sensitivity about gender equality.

“Local lobby group Tuzla” is an informal group of female citizens of Tuzla, which brings together women from public and political life of Tuzla, civil society organizations and local communities. These women are dedicated or wish to devote themselves in improving the position of women in our society through contribution in peace building and security promotion.

Initial meetings were held during past several months. On these occassions, members exchanged ideas and discussed the issues of gender-based violence, Law on Gender Equality and its implementation at the local level and compliance with international norms and human rights. On 5 November 2013, coordination body was appointed and it comprises of the following members: Enisa Žunić, Aida Sofić, Stana Nalić, Ana Šimić, Fehrija Salković, Hanifa Kantić, Jasminka Mijatović, Mirjana Lepić-Marinković and Alma Avdić.

Coordination meetings will be held every three months, and the members will discuss about the analysis of the work of the Municipal Council and the needs of women and girls in the community. Recognizing the importance of the role of women in achieving peace and security in the city, local lobby group will work on different actions with the aim of promoting security concept and the achievement of individual well-being of every man and woman.