One billion will dance to end violence against women


On Thursday, 14th February 2013, at 14:00 hrs across the globe, one billion of people will dance to end violence against women and girls.

Campaign „One Billion Rising“ started as call for action based on terrifying statistics that 1 of 3 women will be raped or molested during her life. In the end, it makes a billion women. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a part of this statistics. Action aims to get as many people to rise and dance in protest against the violence.

LINK – VIEW SHORT TRAILER “One Billion Rising” →

Up to now, 182 countries joined the campaign, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. The protest is organised by over 13,000 NGOs across the globe, individuals and informal groups. Association „HO HORIZONTI“ Tuzla joins to the campaign, and complete list of NGOs organising the event in Bosnia and Herzegovina is available at


Those who support the campaign, and are not able to join the public protest for any reason, will dance in their offices, at work places, homes and submit photographs to support the protest.

Many celebrities joined this action, such as Dalai Lama, Yoko Ono, Carrie Washington, Charlize Theron, Robert Redford… Also, British Parliament will dance in protest against violence. An official song “Break the chain” was produced for this campaign, performed by Tena Clark.

Violence is extensive social problem nobody talks about. Violence against women occurs in all aspects and comprises violation of different social, civil, political, economic and cultural rights of women.

Event such as this is a way to draw attention to this urgent problem, and to show the world combined strenght and solidarity.

Colors of the protest are RED, PURPLE AND BLACK.

Entire region will dance at the same time and in the same music.

Join our Association, stop your daily tasks for short time, step out at the streets and dance!

All of you who are against the violence and who want to say NO to partiarchal tradition and NO to situations which tolerate violence in our society, are most welcome to join us.


We invite you to join our Association in organised group on 14th February, 2013 to dance together with the whole world and to end violence against women and girls.


  • Women leaders – women politicians, women entrepreneurs and other influential women who support the event and participate in protest to end violence against women
  • Women activists – all organizations who combat to end violence against women
  • Men – it is very important to involve men in combat to end violence against women. Invite men you love to support you in protest on this day.
  • Male and female friends or members of family to support other male and female participants who are shy and do not want to dare to dance.


Dance protest!!


We are aware that 14th February is a working day and that some of you might not be able to participate in the event. Therefore, we prepared a list of activities you can do and in that way support the event:

  • On 14th February change your profile photo on Facebook in logo of One Billion Rising project, available at
  • Dance, take a photo or video about it and post it on our Facebook Page FACEBOOK PAGE (
  • Spread the news about this event, talk to everybody you know, female and male friends, female and male colleagues, publish an article on Facebook or Blog
  • In schools: If you are a Teacher or a Professor, prepare a lesson on violence against women. If you are a student, propose to your professors to have a lesson about this issue in the upcoming week

Follow us on Facebook, suggest, make ideas, post photos, etc.

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