Period: july 2015. – december 2016.

Project “Peace with women’s face – Women’s Initiative for Dealing with the Past” is implemented by Foundation “Lara” Bijeljina in partnership with Association “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla and 10 other partner organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Foundation “Udružene zene” Banja Luka, Center for Legal Assistance of Women Zenica, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka, “Žena BiH” Mostar, Association “Glas žene” Bihać, Association of women “MOST” Višegrad, “Forum žena” Bratunac, Foundation CURE Sarajevo, Association of citizens “Grahovo” Bosansko Grahovo, and Association of citizens “Budućnost” Modrica.

The project is based on the consultation process with all organizations involved in the Initiative. Many citizens in local communities have recognized the potential of women in peace building as well as in building democratic and gender-accountable society. In the first phase of implementation, project connected 12 women’s organizations from different social and war contexts, which worked on a common platform and managed to identify common interests despite the different personal experiences from years of war and contexts of their communities. We have also initiated concrete actions in the field of memorialization of suffering of women and culture of remembrance in general, which represents significant achievement and the potential for further action.

Target groups:

Women activists in women’s organizations and women’s movement, including CSOs which bring together women in rural areas, women educational workers, women in politics, women in rural areas, women in media.

Overall objective:

Women equally participate in public and political life.


Project objective:

Defined priorities and strengthened capacities of women to advocate for engendered transitional justice policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Specific objectives:

  1. Developed Platform of women’s priorities for transitional justice through increased participation in peace actions and inter-entity dialogue
  2. Strengthened alliances and internal capacities of the initiative Peace with women’s face.


Some of project activities are:

Advocacy to complete the Initiative for establishment of the Memorial Day of the suffering of women during the war in BiH, research about the suffering of women in 12 towns, production of the book of memories and movie, Inter-entity dialogue with women on priorities for transitional justice, Development of Platform of women’s priorities in policies of transitional justice.