Project activities of Association “HO Horizonti” in 2013

 "LARA" Bijeljina i "HORIZONTI" Tuzla

“LARA” Bijeljina & “HORIZONTI” Tuzla

Association „HO HORIZONTI” will in 2013 continue activities on promotion of young women participation in decision-making and democratic processes through education, encouragement their leadership, activism and volunteerism. Project „Women’s Education Center“ supported by Kvinna till Kvinna, which represents continuation of the same project started in January, 2012.

Moreover, in partnership with NGO „Forum žena“ Bratunac, and financially supported by organisation UN Women, Association „HO HORIZONTI“ will in 2013, continue successfull implementation of Project „Integration of Gender Equality Principles in Local Communities“, implemented since July, 2012 in municipalities Srebrenica, Bratunac, Lukavac and Kalesija, overally aimed to strengthening the capacities, procedures and the sustainability of institutional mechanisms for the integration of gender equality principles at the local level.

In partnership with women organisation „Lara“ Bijeljina and financially supported by Swedish Fondation Kvinna till Kvinna, „HO HORIZONTI“ will from January, 2013 to September, 2014 implement Project „Peace With Woman’s Face – Empowering Women to Deal with the Past“. Inclusion of women in the peace process in BiH is crucial for the establishment of peace on the principle of equality of all citizens, and in that way peace building will have aspects of the demilitarization of social consciousness and deconstructing the patriarchal society, which are key processes for building tolerance and non-violence.

If you would like to join us and become an activist to help implementation of activities of Association in fight for women’s rights, or if you have proposals and suggestions, simply contact us through our contact page.

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