Period: May – June 2006

Donor: CARE International NWB

This action was realized in partnership with University Clinical Centre Tuzla, Tuzla Municipality and UHD “Prijateljice” Tuzla.


  • raising awareness about breast cancer / women’s malignant diseases
  • implementation of the action for the early detection of breast cancer.

Target group:

  • all female population: healthy women, sick women, girls (media campaign)
  • 100 females from local community Slatina in Tuzla – target group of the pilot project aimed to gynecological and breast medical examination.


  • collection of data about the target group
  • TV talk shows with guests – relevant medical experts / specialists
  • distribution of promotional material
  • examinations (mammography, ultrasound and papa – tests) for 100 women
  • media presentation of the results of the pilot project – upon completion of the project.