Period: 16.12.2008.-15.01.2010


The overall project objective: Improved ability of community in the area of prevention of women victims of violence in society in general.

Target group:

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  • members of the Association of Muslim Women “Sumejja” Kalesija
  • members of the Association „Vrati mi osmijeh“ Živinice (the Association of mothers who have children with special needs)
  • women from local communities in the municipalities of Kalesija and Živinice.


Project activities:

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  • definition of team’s obligations
  • preparation and produce of workshop material
  • selection of 60 volunteers ( Kalesija and Živinice) for education (4 groups)
  • workshops for 60 women volunteers – 30 women from the Association “Sumejja”, Kalesija and 30 from the Association “Vrati mi osmijeh”, Živinice on topics: Laws in BiH related to women human rights, Recognition of violence and sterotypes about violence; Role of relevant institutions and NGOs in prevention of violence against women; Establishment of anti-violence teams and Creation of action plans; Preparation for work in local communities
  • uspostavljanje Timova zta borbu protiv nasilja i Kreiranje akcionog plana Timova; Priprema za odlazak u mjesne zajednice
  • promotion of  project in media through 1 TV show and 2 radio show
  • designing, printing and distribution of 1500 brochures
  • meetings in local communities with women
  • monitoring meetings with SOS volunteers
  • public presentation of the project results
  • supervision for therapists
  • workshops for anti-violence teams members in Kalesija.


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