Period: January, 2013 – September, 2014

Donor: Swedish Fondation Kvinna till Kvinna

In partnership with women organisation „Lara“ Bijeljina and financially supported by Swedish Fondation Kvinna till Kvinna, „HO HORIZONTI“ will from January, 2013 to September, 2014 implement Project „Peace With Woman’s Face – Empowering Women to Deal with the Past“. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the challenge of dealing with the past touches on the multiple dimensions of justice and human rights. Inclusion of women in the peace process in BiH is crucial for the establishment of peace on the principle of equality of all citizens, and in that way peace building will have aspects of the demilitarization of social consciousness and deconstructing the patriarchal society, which are key processes for building tolerance and non-violence. The process of building a lasting peace in BiH is impossible without dealing with the past and the rejection of the value system that produces war and national division.

The Project idea is based on the awareness of the need to initiate and empower citizens to fight for change, because only awakened citizens can initiate peace building. In the long-term perspective, with this Project we want for women to become an equal part of awakened citizenship that promotes reconciliation and conflict resolution through peaceful means, and Bosnia andf Herzegovina to become a country where women, equally as men, create all aspects of politicial and public life.

In order to achieve overall Project objective, that is women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina equally participate in public and political life and democratic processes, partnership team of women organisation “Lara” Bijeljina and Association “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla  will implement workshops on facing the past for 20 activists from women NGOs, workshops with with women in NGO sector, women in politics and education, and Educational training for trainers on dealing with the past and peace activism. Organization of local actions in 10 towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be followed by organization of joint peace action in Sarajevo, which will incorporate promotion of the brochure „Peace With Women’s Face“.

Establishment of informal local peace networks in 10 towns in BiH with women active peace promoters in their communities are the results we expect to achieve after implementation of this Project.


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