Period: 01.04.2007.- 31.12.2007.

Donor:  Norwegian Ministry of internal Affairs and Council for mental health, Norway

The project was implemented in cooperation with University of Oslo, Psychiatric Clinic Tuzla and NGO “Forum žena Bratunac”.

Project objectives:

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  • provide psychosocial support for mothers and children in need
  • evaluate if the provided support had positive effects
  • provide academic training for clinicians in the area of Tuzla


In the frame of this project, HO HORIZONTI Tuzla in cooperation with the “Forum žena” Bratunac implemented clinical work, and University Clinical Centre Tuzla/Psychiatric Clinic conducted an evaluation of the program through the initial and final testing of mothers and children.

HORIZONTI’S Project activities:

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  • group sessions for mothers
  • training group leaders
  • organization of seminars.


Through implementing this project, particularly through provision of psychosocial support to mothers and children who are living in extremely difficult conditions, we have continued to work toward achieving our strategic goals and contributed to improving of mental health of families suffering from war traumas. Given that the project was implemented in the area of Tuzla and Bratunac, and that groups of mothers were of different ethnic background, with the implementation of this project we also contributed to improving communication between different ethnic groups, especially in the municipality of Bratunac.

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