Period: 01.01.2012.-31.12.2012.

SUPPORTED BY: Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, Sweden

Overall objective:

Women have strong position in society and actively participate in decision making and democracy processes under equal conditions and on anti-discriminatory principles.

Project objectives:

  • young women and girls from Tuzla canton are empowered to take active part in public and political life
  • Increased involvement of young women and girls’ in peace building activities.

Expected results:

  • developed leadership skills of young women and girls from Tuzla Canton
  • a network of young women from Tuzla canton and Birač region has been established.

The main activities in 2012 are:

  • workshops for girls and young women – leadership for activism, women human rights and peace building
  • follow-up seminars for young women in local community led by the young women activists
  • young women leaders action – Workshops for planning local action and Women’s campaign
  • workshop „ Peace building and women’s activism”
  • campaign “September 21 – International Day of Peace”
  • active participation in the  Kvinna till Kvinna and other network’s activities
  • evaluation.

Target group:

  • young women from Tuzla canton who are activists in political parties and NGOs, aged between 18-35
  • women in local community.