Project: “WOMEN’S EDUCATION CENTER – continuation of Project”

Period: January 2013 – September 2014

Donor: Swedish Fondation Kvinna till Kvinna

In 2013, Association „HO HORIZONTI“ will implement Project „Women’s Education Center“ supported by Kvinna till Kvinna, which represents continuation of the same project started in January, 2012. Project addresses the problem of underrepresentation of women in public and political life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and promotes participation of young women in decision making and democratic processes through education, encouragement their leadership, activism and volunteerism. It is based on consultation and joint planning of partner organisations „Forum žena“ Bratunac and Association „HO HORIZONTI“ Tuzla.

Primary project target groups are young women from Tuzla area, aged between 18-35, who are students, activists in civil society organisations and political parties, as well as women from Tuzla Municipality, i.e. politicians, councillors in Municipal Council Tuzla, members of Gender Equality Commission in Tuzla Municipality, eminent women from public life and women from Tuzla’s local communities („mjesne zajednice“).

Final beneficiaries of the Project are the local communities in Tuzla area, including not only project’s participants but also other female members of non-governmental organisations and political parties who will benefit from the action through transfer of knowledge from project participants. On a broader level, all the citizens in Tuzla area shall benefit from the project through provided information about the work of Municipal Council Tuzla from gender equality perspective, elected female politicians and their initiatives, and improved possibilities to communicate with members of Municipal Council Tuzla.

The importance of the Project for the target groups and final beneficiaries is reflected in better recognition of the principles of equal opportunities in public and political life and recognition that without building a stabile society that is based on reconciliation as a key value of social life, women will not be able to achieve real equality and equal possibility for participation in public life.

Moreover, problems and needs of the female population will be more discussed and analyzed in local community and identified common interests and needs of women will be better represented in Municipal Council Tuzla.

After conducting baseline survey in Tuzla, Association „HO HORIZONTI“ Tuzla will, from January, 2013 to September, 2014 in the framework of „Women’s Education Center“ Project, implement workshops „Facing the Past to Build the Future“ and „Possibilities and Opportunities for Participation in Decision Making at Local Level“, and follow up workshops for young women in local communities led by peer educators, round table „Participation of Female Councillors of Municipal Council in Decision Making“, and a seminar. Project envisages establishment of local women lobby group in Tuzla, followed by networking with women lobby group from Bratunac. In this period, also monitoring of work of Municipal Council Tuzla is planned from the gender perspective, as well as initiation of creation and adoption of Gender Action Plan at local level. Moreover, we especially planned a campaign for „21st September – International Day of Peace“.

Improved possibilities for women in Tuzla area to initiate and take action to benefit their communities and increased awareness among young women in Tuzla on importance of their participation in decision making and peace building process are results we expect to accomplish after project implementation.

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