Response to councillor’s question by Health Center Tuzla

In relation to the Article published in news portal on 7 February, 2013 entitled „Associations “HO HORIZONTI” and “HO ZZIPO” support councillor Jasminka Mijatovic’s question: When will the waiting list / or scheduling in the Health Center Tuzla be reduced to a reasonable amount of time hereto we publish an answer received from Health Center Tuzla (JZU Dom zdravlja)  signed by Prim. dr. Kasim Brigić on 11 February 2013 and we ask for opinion of citizens.

„In relation to the councillor’s question: „When will the waiting list / or scheduling in the Health Center Tuzla be reduced to a reasonable amount of time and when it will start with prevention programs to protect population of Tuzla municipality?“,

We submit the following answer:

Health Center Tuzla (JZU Dom zdravlja Tuzla) provides services of primary health care, specialistic and consultative health care and out-of-hospital diagnostics to inhabitants of Tuzla Municipality who possess health insurance and to inhabitants of other municipalities in accordance to their  requirements and directions of Health Insurance Institute.

Working hours in Health Center Tuzla are organised specifically for each unit in accordance to needs of patients and possibilities of this institution to respond to these needs.

Considering the total population of Tuzla municipality (131.919) and the fact that the health structure of population is becoming more complexed every year in terms of pathological structure, age structure etc., Health Center Tuzla endeavours to engage optimum capacities in order to respond to these challenges in as much qualitative manner as possible.

We want to emphasise that all emergency cases are handled immediately, and that the waiting list is made upon patients’ needs who are scheduled for control examination in a year or two, etc.

Furthermore, health care prevention programmes for inhabitants of Tuzla municipality are being implemented continously and we shall certainly try to improve quantity, quality and contents of those activities.


Prim.dr. Kasim Brigić“

Association „HO HORIZONTI“ Tuzla

Association „HO ZZIPO“ Tuzla