In the framework of the project “Engendering peace-building at the local level,” implemented by  Association “HO Horizonti” in partnership with “Forum žena” Bratunac and financially supported by the Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna, cycle of public forums was implemented in municipalities of Gračanica, Srebrenik and Tuzla in April, 2016. Representatives of local communities, NGOs, youth activists, and representatives from public and political life have discussed in Tuzla the topic „In sociological standpoint: Why are women uninteresed in changes?“, in Srebrenik „Importance of roles of youth and women in decision-making processes at local level“ and in Gračanica „“Participation of women in decision-making processes in local level”. Participants agreed the more active engagement of women is necessary in decision-making processes. Many thanks to NGO Justicia Srebrenik and Association of women Lukavica for extraordinary collaboration and support, and Radio Gracanica and RTV 7 Tuzla for media support.13062004_1294777020538817_5916457251007796172_n 13076764_982377051857994_60446638037223241_n