Total of six youth debates were implemented in municipalities of Tuzla, Gračanica and Srebrenik during April and May 2016. Debates brought together representatives of the municipalities of different ethnicity, gender, social status and age between 18 and 30 in order to express their opinions and to develop culture of dialogue in process of facing the past. Young people presented their standpoints on the following topics: “The influence of youth policies on peace-building in the local community”, “Hate speech – sport events in my city ” and  “Separate memories and markings of the suffering of civilian victims of war”. Although these activities represent completion of local youth peace-building debates implementation cycle in the framework of the project “Engendering peace-building at the local level”, implemented by Association “HO Horizonti” in partnership with “Forum žena” Bratunac, this is only the beginning of the activities with these outstanding young people. “Our human feelings that we repress and our negative feelings that we emphasise, are not healthy for our personal development neither for development of our community,” stated youth participants of Gračanica after completion of debates in this municipality. During implementation of activities, we were supported by ORC Akmos Srebrenik, ORC Tuzla and PGG Gračanica, therefore we would like to thank these organizations for the excellent cooperation. The Project is financially supported by Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna. 

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