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Uspješno završen projekat “Neformalne ženske lobi grupe – Aktivizmom do ravnopravnosti u lokalnoj zajednici”

Sa zadovoljstvom vas obavještavamo da je Udruženje “HO HORIZONTI” Tuzla uspješno završilo implementaciju projekta “Neformalne ženske lobi grupe – Aktivizmom...

Since 2013, the citizens' association "Horizonti" has been one of the associations involved in the activities related to the project "Peace with...

Association "HO Horizonti" successfully implemented a three-day workshop "Creating Action Advocacy Plans", with the support of Heinrich Böll Stiftung. This workshop is...

Activists from 14 non-governmental organizations, gathered around the Initiative "Peace with a Female Face", have been fighting for 10 years to make the public in...

With the support of the Women's Network of BiH, today in Gračanica we presented the Peace with Women's Face Initiative and the campaign...

Informal women's lobby groups were created within the project "Equipment of peace building at the local level" supported by the Swedish foundation...
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"HO HORIZONTI" TUZLA is an organization recognized for its work on the psychological empowerment of women who are victims of violence in the family and society, as well as providing support to women in public and political life.

"HO HORIZONTI Tuzla" was founded as a local non-governmental organization in November 1999 by employees, users and friends of the project "Women - hidden victims of war" implemented by the international organization Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).

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Since 2000, we have implemented 10 projects with the general goal of improving women's place in society and raising awareness of gender equality at all levels of society and government.


We would like to express our gratitude to all our donors who support us and have supported us all these years!


Women to women Sarajevo, Women's Forum Bratunac, United Women Banja Luka, Helsinki Citizens' Parliament Banja Luka, Most Višegrad, Lara Bijeljina...

How to become a partner - member?

Membership in the "HO HORIZONTI" Association is free, and any person who wants to work on our actions, support, collaborate and/or gather around the ideas and processes of the "HO HORIZONTI" Association can become a member.

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"Once and for all:
human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights"